New Year, New _____

Everyone is still on the “new year, new me” wave. I mean, it’s only the ninth day of the year right? 😀

It’s time for something new. We are in a season of a fresh start or, as some would say, a clean slate. Maybe 2019 could be a beginning of your new workout routine, adapt a new hobby, or change your hair style/color.
Studies show that it takes about 3 weeks, or 21 days, to create a new habit. Maybe this is your year to make some new ones.

What about your spiritual life?

This could be the time to start a journey into some new habits within your walk with Christ. There can be specific times where you establish a block of prayer and or Bible reading, just to stay on top of your relationship with God. He wants us to be healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally.

But He also wants us to obtain a vibrant health spiritually.

2019 could be your year to draw closer to the Father. He loves you and wants your time. No matter who you are or what you’ve done.

Take advantage of the new slate.

-K ❤

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